Regulatory Technology (Reg Tech)

Regulatory Technology (Reg Tech)

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RegTech uses many cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, machine learning, to name a few, which ensure companies are more effective in reaching regulatory compliance.

Today, technology is proving to be the driving force of our financial world. It has helped to minimise the risk of human error by automating the processes. We use compliance technology solutions to harness the latest in technology to help our clients with the increasing burdensome demands of regulation and compliance. These solutions are here to stay and perhaps have never been more relevant. They have already proved themselves by helping to automate the more routine compliance tasks like transaction monitoring.

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Automating Transaction Monitoring and Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR)

We can help you streamline your transaction monitoring and SAR reporting processes. With reviewing alerts and preparing SAR reports taking up most of the compliance analysts time, many of our clients are considering how digital solutions can help save time and reduce costs. We have partnered with DX Compliance Solutions and can help you reduce the time a compliance analyst spends reviewing and submitting alerts by up to 75%.

DX Compliance Solution is a real time transaction monitoring solution. With its capability to accommodate bespoke transaction rules and scenarios, it effectively scans transactions and generates fewer false positives than other providers. DX Compliance also offers auditable compliance workflows, reports and 4 eye checks.

Whether you need help with innovative compliance technology or you are considering how digital solutions can help reduce costs and generate new business insight, Kharis & Knoble can help. Contact us