Our Approach

Our Approach

Tailored solutions to meet expectations


Our journey starts with understanding, we discuss, question and most importantly listen to you.  We find that very often the devil is in the detail and by exploring your organisation and market together we can tailor solutions to exceed expectation.

For example, a discussion with relevant team members about a project could help us to uncover an opportunity to streamline your operations – at Kharis & Knoble we look at the bigger picture. Developing a solid understanding creates a solid platform for delivery and gives us the basis to perform efficiently.


We blend creative thinking with insights to carefully plan projects, using tried and tested risk mitigation tools. We develop a strategic approach to delivery that involves working with you to plan and piece together a solution which is tailored to your organisation and requirements.


Communication is at the heart of our delivery process; our experience has taught us that engaging clients and keeping them connected throughout each stage of a project is fundamental to success.

We welcome our clients to get involved with the process, engaging you is the first step of delivery and we can learn so much from you about your organisation and business activities. The delivery journey encompasses our creative and technical expertise, collaborating with you throughout.


Our focus on results means that we are continuously evolving and our client work evolves too. The global regulatory landscape and the world itself are constantly changing and we must adapt to stay ahead. We have various tools that allow us to observe and absorb, whilst continually tailoring our performance. We also look at trends and culture related to your industry and business activities to help us inform approach and refinement. We build lasting relationships with our clients and consider ourselves an extension of their teams, together we create long lasting success.

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