Regulatory Advice

Regulatory Advice

We deal effectively and innovatively with regulatory and compliance issues

In an increasingly evolving and complex regulatory landscape, a strong risk and compliance framework combined with comprehensive, accurate and proactive advice is a key factor for businesses to be able to adapt to regulatory change and the growing pressure from regulatory bodies. We at Kharis & Knoble assist our clients to identify their obligations and risks and deal effectively and innovatively with regulatory and compliance issues. Understanding what the regulator expects of you takes more than learning the rules. Analysing speeches and enforcement decisions and seeing what actions the regulators take on a day-to-day basis are all key to understanding whether you have got it right.

Kharis & Knoble experts are made up of experienced lawyers, and risk and compliance officers, who can interpret the applicable local and international regulatory rules. We can also provide practical guidance on how to implement them. We understand what the regulators’ objectives and expectations are and how they communicate.

Our experts will deliver comprehensive advice

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Regulatory Compliance Queries and Questions

We have regulatory advice team that can provide you guidance and advice in governance, risk management and compliance matters. Our experts will work with you to provide tailored advice specific to your needs. We work in close collaboration with you to deliver comprehensive and business-oriented advice. Our range of advisory services includes regulator engagement support, overall overview of regulatory and financial crime prevention requirements, advice on general regulatory frameworks, ongoing compliance monitoring, review and assessment of existing compliance regimes, internal policies, standards, and procedures.

Whether you have a specific query or question or would benefit from a pool of technical specialists to call on regularly, Kharis & Knoble can help. Speak to one of our experts today! Contact us