Strategy for Governance and Risk Management

Strategy for Governance and Risk Management

We mitigate poor governance

At Kharis & Knoble, we understand that good governance is critical to business success and it has the power to transform an organisation’s culture and conduct and positively affect the output of every person within it. Good governance is the hallmark of a well-run organisation and we can support you to optimise it.

Almost all business frustrations and problems, including conduct risk and corporate failure, are a result of poor governance. We will work with you to provide solutions that optimise your business and support faster growth. We will also design, implement, and maintain effective capabilities that manage your most critical risks and address cultural and other organisational issues that can compromise those capabilities.

Governing risk and corporate failure

Here is how we can help

Governance and Individual Accountability

There is continued pronounced regulatory focus on the importance of transparent, sound, and robust governance arrangements, to ensure positive outcomes for end consumers for the wider stability of financial markets. This supervisory ‘pressure’ has triggered a range of initiatives for our clients to put in place an ‘approvable’ governance framework and demonstrably strengthening governance arrangements and practices. We have significant experience and expertise and can assist you in all aspects of governance and individual accountability.

Regulatory Compliance Risk Regulatory

We will help you assess the immediate effect as well as long term impact of change in laws and regulations to your business and help you implement changes whilst avoiding potential losses to your business. We can also advise on implementation cost minimisation. At Kharis & Knoble, our experts fully understand emerging risks and are fully equipped to help you prevent the threat posed to your organisation’s financial, organisational, or reputational standing resulting from violations of legislation, policies, regulations, codes of conduct, or organisational standards of practice.

Conduct and Culture Risk Conduct

At Kharis & Knoble, we believe the consideration of culture and conduct risk has become the new normal. We will work with you to put in place qualitative culture and conduct risk measures which are continually demonstrable, from compliance monitoring reviews, past business reviews, advisory and consultancy engagements to identifying and assessing conduct risks, design, and implementation of conduct framework. We have experience of working with clients of all different sizes, scale, and complexity throughout the financial services industry.

Whether you need help with a specific area or ongoing support with governance and risk management, Kharis & Knoble can help. Speak to one of our experts today!  Contact us